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Becoming a circus artist, that was David's biggest dream when he was a kid. Many circuses visited David's hometown, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He saw all of them thanks to his father who took him there every time. The bigtop, the sawdust, the wonderful artists, all of it together created the magical atmosphere David fell in love with. 

Especially the jugglers grabbed David's interest. Every time he had seen a juggler, he went home and tried to imitate every single trick, move and expression. Thanks to these years of learning from seeing he was able to juggle seven balls at the age of sixteen. At this age he was already performing on open stages and on the streets of his hometown. One day someone saw him juggling at a fair and offered him a contract for a small event. He took the offer and that was the first of many more gigs to come.  

When David graduated high school, he auditioned at a professional circus school and got accepted. For the following four years he worked on acrobatics, dance, theatre and of course juggling under the technical and artistic guidance of manipulation teacher, Gregor Kiock. 



David graduated in 2011 with his poetic juggling act "Think Outside The Circle". With this act he performed at various variety shows and events in The Netherlands as well as circus- and juggling festivals in France, Finland, Belgium, Spain and Czech Republic. 
In 2012 he was selected for the Young Stage International Circus Festival in Switzerland and he made an appearance on the famous French TV show "Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde". This year he also toured around Dutch theaters with Wintercircus Martin Hanson and he worked in Stephan Masur's Varietespektakel in Germany.
Since that year he is booked at galas, cabarets and theaters around Europe, including nightclubs in Rome, Istanbul and Geneva.
In 2013 and 2014 he created several new acts suitable for corporate events. David was booked at events for companies such as Siemens, Lego and Perfect.
In 2016 David has performed in Israël with Scapino Ballet as a guest artist in their show "The Great Bean", he customized a juggling act for the Swiss production, "A Circus Symphony", in which circus artists perform to classical music pieces, played live by a symphonic orchestra and he toured around Holland in a big top performing in a circus theatre production for kids with physical and mental disabilities.
That year he also further developed his passion for show creation. He was asked by Stephan Masur to co-direct his summer variety show in Cologne and Bonn. In 2017 David successfully directed the full production. That year he also initiated a new show in Rotterdam together with Dave van der Wal. Their mission is to re-establish the variety tradition in The Netherlands. The first edition of Dave's Wintervariété was an amazing success and the audience reactions were above expectations. The show consisted of headliner Dave van der Wal and an international cast of top class variety performers. It took place in an antique Spiegeltent which was situated  for over a week in the city centre of Rotterdam. 

In 2018 David was asked to be part of Dinnershow Brooklyn Nights, a culinary and theatrical spectacle with over 50 people in the cast and crew. That year he was also part of the opening ceremony of Holland Casino Amsterdam and he was asked to be a jury member for the prestigious European Youth Circus Festival in Wiesbaden. 2018 ended with a highly successful second edition of Dave's Wintervariété with nine out of eleven sold out shows. Besides taking the roles of co-producer and stage director, David was also part of the cast with two juggling acts. 

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